Square…Zero? (Welcome to my Blog)

So, today is a big day. I have decided to start a blog about my painting. I think my family has gotten tired of hearing all about my painting woes and few triumphs and which brush I want to try next, how that would have come out differently had I used a different color, yada yada yada. It goes on. So, instead, I will release my experiences with watercolor here, for everyone else to see, maybe read. At least I am getting them out there.

It is because I enjoy to write, I like to share my experiences, and – recently – I have found that I greatly enjoy the challenge of painting. Not like the professionals, I am someone without a significant art background. (Actually, as I write this, I am finishing up my second year of dental school.) It is fulfilling and frustrating and challenging, all at the same time – but those are the things I love. So, I encourage you (and myself – I am the one with a shiny new blog) to follow me on this journey of painting with watercolor. It is very approachable and easy to start – but as I am starting to realize – oh so hard to master.

I will try to post new paintings so you and I can watch me progress. Maybe I can share a few tips. This is a new experience for me, so instead of sitting down and writing down a novel and never posting ever again, I will pace myself for the long run. Or the long con, because I definitely make a lot of ‘pieces’ that you can laugh at. I know that my sister does, sometimes to my chagrin, but most of the time I join her.

Marking my first post, I will include one of my earlier paintings. It is a small 5×7, but it is not something completely deplorable and embarrassing. Those I can save for some other time, if I actually start to crank out some good stuff. It’ll demonstrate to everyone that behind a good painting there may be several (who’s counting?) bad ones lurking in the background.

cabin under cliff_Fotor.


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