Square One

So, I have a minute now, and I want to make this blog posting stuff a habit. So, that means on average, I need to post something another 19 times or so in order for this to become routine.

Since I am starting this blog on the beginnings of my painting, and how it progresses, I should definitely begin with what I started with. Honestly, as a lot of these things start with – it began with an art store. I was walking on my way home from classes and passed by the Blick store. I didn’t go in the first time, but I did notice it. I noticed it the fifteenth and nineteenth times I walked past it, too. But probably around that twentieth time, I walked in.

It was pretty cool, and definitely a strong diversion from all the science and machinery that I am accustomed to. There were easels and canvases, brushes and paints, pencils, scissors, mats – things I didn’t know existed. And I walked past the paint section and saw a nice little set of Yarka paints in pans on sale for the whole week. They were watercolor, and came with a brush. So, I walked out of that store with a fabulous new gum eraser for sixty-five cents.

Oh, you thought I would get the paint set. Nope, I am a pretty practical person, and I decided that I did not have the time to paint. Especially not with kiddy waterpaints that I used in preschool with my fingers.

Two days later, on the day before the end of the sale’s conclusion, I actually did buy the paint set and the cheapest set of watercolor paper, neither of which were actually the best value, but I will get to that some other time.

I started with a whole page, all 9×12 inches of it – because honestly, how hard could it be. Well, it turned out harder than I thought. The colors weren’t doing what I wanted them to do. The several Youtube videos I had watched did not prepare me for this.

But, lo and behold, I finished it, and it had potential. The mountains had a pretty cool effect, even thought my Mom walked in and asked why they were purple. The tree was definitely too leafy and full, but they made it look all too easy on the videos. The lake/pond thing was just…off. But I was pretty pleased with it overall. I liked the vibrancy of the colors. And it was 100% made by me, which was a nice feeling.

My first painting.

It wasn’t bad, given the fact that the paper was so cheap that the minute it got wet it warped all over the place, making ripples that I had to fight against in order for it to lay down flat. What I should have done was stretched the paper beforehand. But, that is something I can save for another day’s post, because I have just run out of time. Gotta get to class, it’s finals season for me, and I am feeling the strain. Maybe I’ll have a chance to get back to that painting of a crab I started last night.



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