Mother’s Day Bouquet

Well, today is Mother’s Day, and I spent a lot of it at a family barbecue. It was a really nice, although impromptu, appropriate for the change in weather. I also, like most people who have had a mother at one point or another, felt the need to commemorate my Mom with a nice gift. For the woman who is fortunate to have everything she needs, I know that she really does appreciate a gift from the heart.

I took this opportunity to try out some fast and loose watercolor painting that I had been putting off, as well as focusing on a floral subject – as per my Mom’s request some time ago. Besides, it looked really cool when I saw it on the Youtube videos I had watched, and I had some spare paper already taped down and ready to go. But of course I was thinking of my Mom the whole time.

I whipped up a little something for her. Flowers are nice, but we had a bouquet that was on its way out, and she always prefers potted plants because they last longer and are something she likes to water and care for. Just not orchids, we never seem to have luck with them, but I suspect that we just don’t have the discipline to keep them alive and flowering for too long. Anything that requires occasional misting with water is just too high maintenance to survive for long. So, instead, I painted a little 4×6 abstract watercolor bouquet. I am not sure what kind of flower they are, perhaps a sort of tulip. But that is the beauty of it. You don’t have to be sure of what it is all the time. I even potted it, because I know she likes those best. These don’t even need watering.

Just add water. No, not now!! I meant earlier!

My Mom loved it, by the way. Then again, she sorta has to, by virtue of me being her daughter. Haha. Now that I think about it, she doesn’t like everything I show her or she spies over my shoulder, so maybe this really did come out alright.

Just so you know, I got to try out my new Cadmium Red and Cadmium Orange paints for this one, as well as Manganese Blue. They are from the Soho Artist Series paints I mentioned in an earlier post. So far, The pigment particles seem a bit grainy, but that may be a virtue of the pigment or the brand. I am not sure, but they seem to blend nicely enough. I will be able to compare them to other brands later on, but I think they require some less paint than the Sakura Koi ones do for a richer color.

Let me know if you would find it useful to know what kind of materials I use for each painting, as I am willing to list what I remember. It is good practice for me, and definitely never hurts.

Paper: Arches 140lb cold press

Brush: small size 4 Filbert

Paints: Manganese Blue, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Orange, Sap Green, Alizarin Crimson, Cobalt Blue, Deep Yellow

Thanks for making it to the end. Now spend some time thinking about all your Moms out there. I am going to go spend the rest of my day with mine. ❤



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