Watercolor Tulip Tutorial

Today I completed an online watercolor tutorial of some watercolor tulips. You can find the actual tutorial here.

It was something relatively simple that I over-complicated, as usual. I am not too happy about how it turned out, as the proportions of the blooms to the bodies and leaves of the tulips are all wrong, as well as the color balance. However, do have a little pride in the fact that I was *this* close to throwing it in the trash. I became really disillusioned with it during my first hour because I realized once I put down the initial washes how the scales and proportions were so off. I kept going, though, to see if I could learn more about how to blend and create gradients of color, and did see some significant improvement there. So, my self-esteem as a budding watercolorist dipped and rose. But that is part of the fun, so they say.

My first attempt at realistic flowers. Emphasis on attempt.

Paper: Blick Studio Brand Watercolor paper, 140lb

Paint: Sakura Koi

Hues: Viridian, Cobalt Blue, Alizarin Crimson, Sepia, Lemon Yellow

Lessons learned:

  • proper gradients in small areas
  • color mixing
  • how not to pay attention to tulip proportions (hehe)
  • pay more attention and time to ensuring you fill spaces with color and don’t leave edges of white bordering articles in the painting – it just looks sloppy


Feel free to try the tutorial yourself. I bet you can do better! Or share your experiences with painting watercolor flowers below in the comments section. Funny ones get extra points!


One thought on “Watercolor Tulip Tutorial

  1. I have had a few experiences and some fun and not so fun….something funny….hmmm….darn, I have nothing at the moment. Just keep painting and stabbing away at it. I think you see it more critically than I do. If this is your first attempt, my goodness I know you’ll succeed, I had some first ones that would burn your eyeballs! This painting doesn’t burn, I see a lot of potential and feeling. Seriously, don’t doubt my words. 🙂

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