June 1, 2016 Progress

I just finished up a painting of a stream, inspired by one of Alan Owen‘s videos. You can see it below.


I do like some things about it, like my rocks and some of the branches and reflections in the water. The sky is also quite nice, in my opinion.

There are also some things I would like to improve, like the proportion of the land to the sky (they pretty equally divide the page right now), the banks are a little too dark, and the distant trees have some darker trunks that catch your eye and make them seem out of proportion (so none of those next time). Also, this whole painting seems to lack a true focus. All in all, it was an exercise in watercolor, and not something I want to trash. I just don’t have any strong feelings about it – good or bad.


  • Arches 9×12 Cold-Press 140lb
  • Hues:
    • Burnt Sienna
    • Yellow Deep
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Cadmium Red
    • Cobalt Blue
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Sepia

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