Choosing Where To Sign Your Painting

Wouldn’t it be nice to test out an area with your signature before signing it and making it permanent? I think that trying something out before you buy it makes for a more satisfying final decision. After all, it becomes much more difficult to remove a signature once it has been added to your masterpiece.

I came up with this idea while reading some old watercolor books in which an author mentioned that he would use a piece of acetate with a figure drawn on it, lay it over his painting, and then determine if the addition of the object would enhance or detract from his work. This prevents a lot of mistakes, as one can imagine.

Using this idea, I took an extra screen protector from an iPad I don’t use anymore and drew a rough size for my own signature on it with permanent marker. Then, I cut out the little chip. I am sure almost any piece of flexible but transparent plastic will do in a pinch. I had the screen protector because I bought a pack of 3 ages ago, and never used 2 of them.

Then, I think it is logical to see how I want the mat to lay on my artwork to best portray the composition.

Once you have all your cards on the table, you can bring your chip into play. This little piece can be moved around your painting so you can determine where you should sign. It can be studied from up close, or from afar. It really is quite simple and a great way to boost your confidence when signing work.

I know that once I have decided on a spot, I have my dip pen ready to go!

I can move it to the right.
I can move it to the left.
I can have it go for a walk.

Once done, I can just stow away this little signature chip in with all my nibs, where it is accessible and safe.



Maybe you have your own methods, maybe you are lucky. Perhaps you are an artistic genius and these crude methods are below your skill – but there is a chance that this tip will help someone, just as it has helped me. Cheers! 🙂


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