June 26 Progress – Canoe Painting

So I found that sketching my works and plans, from various photographs and situations has helped me to develop a greater sense of perspective and depth. I know I wrote an earlier piece mulling over the thought of sketching a painting out before actually picking up the brush, and I must say that I am more inclined now to pick up a pencil first.

See for yourself how my sketching and perspective is improving with each sketch of a subject. Of course, it improves when compared to various iterations of a specific subject matter. In other words, being fantastic at sketching landscapes does not automatically let you carry those skills over and be an excellent still life artist, or one talented at drawing portraits. However, it is simpler to then make the necessary steps in the right direction on each of those paths.

I will also throw in a recent painting that I completed from an image I liked when browsing through Pixabay, my go-to resource for royalty-free photos to work from.

Getting there slowly, but now that I have put the source image and the painting I produces based on it so close to one another, I see that I have a long way to go. However, there is still some progress here from my last painting, even. My sky is nicer, as are my reflections and sparse shadows. You can even tell that there is a figure there next to the canoe. The rest I will chalk up to artistic license. 🙂

Seriously, though, keep painting. Even I started at square one.


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