Sunbird – August 30, 2016 Progress

As promised, I am going to keep up with posts and paintings a bit more. It is shocking to see how much has improved since then. I am still guilty of overworking things a little bit, but the result is still something that my sister keeps claiming for her wall. The physical one above her bed. However, I have other plans for this one.

This one is called “Sunbird” and it was based on a reference image I liked on Pixabay. It had several moments where it would re-enter the ugly-duckling stage of the painting process we are all familiar with – fortunately, I believe it also left it towards the end. 🙂

I practiced a bit with textures made from spattering and alcohol drops. I liked the spattering with gouache a bit more.



Arches Rough press 140lb, 9×12 inches

Paints (Watercolors, M. Graham and Winsor Newton)

  • Prussian Blue
  • Yellow Deep
  • Dioxizane Violet
  • Ultramarine
  • Burnt Umber
  • Rose Madder
  • White Goache (M. Graham)


Progress is inevitable, and these works are an example. Keep watching those painting videos and reading those books. But, most importantly, keep those brushes moving. We all start at SquareOne. 🙂


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