Golden Pheasant – September 2, 2016 Progress Timeline

Another bird in this series. I like the practice and I see improvement. The added benefit is that it helps to experiment and have a relatively obvious and simple subject to act as the focus of your painting in these cases. At least that is what I have found to be true. Only experience can help you improve, even though books and videos can give you ideas. It always takes a few tries to work out the kinks and achieve the effects that you want.

I am very happy with how the bird came out, especially in the head area. It really looks alive. I focused more on the correct color gradations and interlocking of colors to achieve the feather effects, as opposed to layering different brushstrokes, as I had in the past, especially visible in my Kingfisher. I also retained more whites in this one and was more sparing with the White Gouache.

Golden Pheasant_painting close

As always, the picture doesn’t do it all the justice it deserves. There is more variation of color and texture in the actual painting than seen here. It is more lively in person. Alas, I shouldn’t expect much more of an iphone standard camera without using a fancy setting or app. It gets the job done.


  • 1 9×12 inch piece of Arches 140lb rough paper
  • Paints (M. Graham, Winsor & Newton):
    • Prussian Blue
    • Yellow Deep
    • Permanent Mauve
    • Burnt Umber
    • Alizarin Crimson


The more I do this, the more I realize I should look around for a good liner or dagger brush, as well as some sort of large mop, but as those are on the pricier side, I will wait until I amass some more funds from other painting sales.

Soon I will include how I make some frames for these paintings and where I get my glass, because the number of good frames at garage and yard sales is limited. Though always take a quick peek because for a few dollars, it certainly saves a lot of work.

I hope you are inspired to pick up your own materials and give something a go. That is the only way to improve, after all.



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