Sunlit Poppies – September 12, 2016 Progress

This is the fruit of that sketch I made earlier over the weekend. It turned out a bit different than the sketch, but those were just preliminary subject and color ideas anyway. I noticed that I got the leaves of a poppy wrong earlier in the sketch, so in this painting I made them to resemble the true leaves of a red poppy a bit more.

I think this will begin a series of flowers now, that I will add to my bird painting exploration. It should be interesting. Perhaps I will even combine the two in a future work. Stranger things have happened. 🙂

In the final drying process. There is a lot more nuance that the poor lighting and cell phone camera just don’t do justice.


  • 9×12 inch piece of Arches 140lb hot press (my first time working with hot press, and I miss the texture of the paper already)
  • paints (M. Graham and Winsor Newton):
    • Quinacridone Gold
    • Yellow Deep
    • Phthalocyanine Blue
    • Pyrrhol Red
    • Dioxizane Violet (Next time I will just blend the red and blue I use for a more natural effect)
    • Titanium White Gouache (because I didn’t reserve my whites as well as I should have)


Overall, it turned out to be a pretty mellow painting. I added a bit of spatter, and should have used more water to make is seem more artistic and less desperate. Haha. However, this was an exercise in negative painting.


I also stumbled onto a Youtube video about pouring watercolors. Yes, now I am in trouble. The seed of the idea has been planted and I have already developed an itch to try it. Sooner or later I will have to scratch it. I can restrain myself for the sake of practice and building some more experience before I pour. At least I think I can.


Stay tuned and follow my progress. Perhaps it will inspire you to continue yours as well. We all start somewhere, and it gets easier the more practice you put under your belt.


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