Inktober 2016 Sketches

The internet seems to have been blowing up with ink sketches, penwork, and ink and wash pieces. I have been doing some of my own, and finally found a chance to pick up the mantle for my own blog. It is a little on the latter end of the month, but I have been a bit busy.

I really enjoy using my LAMY fountain pen with a cardtridge of water-soluble ink. It just helps me work on shaping my shadows and getting that depth. I can always add a bit of color if I am in the mood and go from there.

I am a little bit tighter with the sketchwork, but try to stay loose with the painting, not really putting in too much effort and keeping it loose and to no more than two layers, or so. I really try to stick with one and let the piece paint itself. It has really helped me to develop my skill of retaining whites and not painting everything on the page. I think that has helped me to develop as a painter.

These are some of my sketches, and most of them will get treated with some water, and maybe even some color. I just want to see what is possible here and grow from the experience.

running-horse-sketch                     canal-scene-sketch

narrow-street-sketch                 homestead-sketch

castello-sketch          fruit-plate-sketch


grapevine-sketch     eiffel-tower-sketch

Here is one that has already been treated with some water and helped me to play with shadows and contrast.


All of those sketches above are done without color, but a few are going to get the special treatment today. Below I will show you what can be done once you incorporate some pigments.


It is loose, which is what I was going for, and I am getting better at retaining black paper, as you can see. I like the shadows and the misty qualities of this. It really makes it look like it is sunset in the scene. It just captures my eye when I flip through the pages of my book, and makes me eager to wash in some color on the other pieces you saw earlier.

Really, in my sketchbook, it is just a place to be loose and have fun. I never understood what all of those artists were talking about when they said to keep a sketchbook, but I am often more happy with something that results on one of its pages than with a painting I labor over for several days. I am in the process of that right now. The sketches are little outlets and breaks from anything, really. Each step just takes a few minutes to complete and can be done in several sessions, maybe a total of 20 minutes for the pages. Well, at least for me. It helps to develop my eye and style.

Let’s just say that it is clear to me why artists recommend keeping a sketchbook like this. Build good habits and your talents and skills will seem to grow on their own. Just add water (haha – just laugh with me, it was appropriate 🙂 ).

Happy Inktober! Keep painting. Keep practicing. 🙂


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