November 26, 2016 Progress

It has been some time, and I have kept busy with the painting and life, and whatnot. I hope everyone has had a great Thanksgiving and had a fruitful Black Friday, if you took part in that, from the comfort of home or from the couch.

Here are a few pictures of some works I have made since my last post. Comments and colors below. I just want to mention that I have tried using the primaries and mixing my colors. It is hard to go wrong that way, and I do find that my color reproducing and mixing has improved, and I will work on improving other things as time goes by.

By the Sea
This one looks better from a distance (11×14 inches). Walk Through the Woods.

Here are a few entries from the sketchbook I am starting. I am trying to make it more of a habit. I can see the improvements, but I need to make that actually happen. It is harder than it thinks, but I do hope that it sticks.

A little fuzzy, but really was a simple attempt at developing a scene using just two colors and a more abstract idea.
I like writing the colors I use to get an idea of the possibilities and see how I have progressed.

I hope you all enjoy the Christmas tree in the background. It provided a little light and my family was watching a movie together, so I snapped a few pics to help post this here.

The two sketches were made in one of two sketchbooks I made myself, from start to finish. I did everything short of making the paper and spinning the thread. Haha, you get the idea.


I really do hope you all keep up with your hobbies. Always remember, that you have to invest in yourself. Teach yourself new skills and treat yourself. New paints. A good brush. Try a strange size. Frame something once in a while.

I think there will be some more winter scenes in the future, given the season and all. I think that is no surprise.


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