Washington Square Park Watercolor

This is a painting inspired by Washington Square Park, from New York University. I hope you are able to place it by looking at it, as long as you are familiar with the location. Rushing through the Christmas season, I thought it is nice to calm down and spend some time painting. As I have just begun my own winter break, I found that I wanted to spend the time to work on some pieces for myself.

For this one, I used a limited palette, as well, with a few new color choices. I tried to practice a bit of my reflections, as I hope you can see. I have to admit that I was not ready to try painting people, yet. I promise that they are in my future, but not this soon, yet.

Here is the painting:


Obviously, I have much to work on, but I am trying to not be too hard on myself. The most important thing is to keep going and practicing. As you can see, I need to work on my trees, and I could definitely afford to make sure my values are up to snuff next time. However, the perspective is not too bad – that’s a good thing.

Paper was Kilimanjaro 140lb cold press. Paint colors: Cobalt Blue, Burnt Umber, Pyrrhol Red, Permanent Yellow Deep.

Plans for future posts will include my homemade easel and revamping my watercolor palette with new good quality paints and washing out the student/low-grade paints so full of binder and other additives that the cakes all dried and cracked and just act plain terrible. Let’s just say that it is obvious which wells have the M Graham and Winsor Newton paints. Once again, I am not acting pretentious, I just see the paints side-by-side and am using my slowly accumulating experience to make my own determinations and share them with you. I hope it is well-received.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to drop a comment below.


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