Bird of Paradise

You may all recall that I really railed on a piece of mine in another post, the Robin in the Bush. Well, this is proof that learning from your mistakes and spending a little more time planning can really help improve your success rate with paintings (because, let’s be honest, there are always a few flukes). It always helps if you can tell what the piece really is just by looking at it. So, this is a horse. Can’t you tell? Haha. Done with the self-deprecating humor.


This one was one that got the masking fluid treatment, a lot of wet-into-wet in the background, as you can see, and much more reserving of the white of the paper. The contrast was maintained by keeping the colors bright, but not too saturated, especially in the colors of the plant leaves and petals (I think they are petals?).

This is 10×15 inches on Arches 100% cotton, 140lb paper. The colors were Indigo, Azo Yellow and Scarlet Lake – a limited palette. I strongly suggest the use of a limited palette, because it really is a failsafe for any part of your painting sticking out like a sore thumb, somewhere – it prevents the ‘bad’ side of contrast.

Check out my other posts for this Christmas day: the Bird in the Bush and Under the Tree.


Merry Christmas and the greatest of time with friends and family!


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