Under the Tree

Since I have been painting for a while now, and many of my older, loved, budget brushes shedding hairs left and right, and…you see where this is going ;). I have been on the look-out for a nice new brush for larger washes. We all know (or you now do) that you need to use the biggest brush you can for the job in watercolor. It follows then that the larger the paper, the larger the brush. Then, I found a nice large set being sold for a great price, and treated myself. They arrived on Christmas Eve and were put under the tree, promptly.

I waited until this Christmas morning to really open them up and wash out the sizing from the bristles. Some of you make know of the Princeton Neptune synthetic sable series. I will let you know later how they fare. For now, I know they hold a mighty fine point and are all large and should do very well. In fact, I already have another painting set up to test them out on. You can see it there in the picture, next to them.


The only problem I can think of now is if I need another palette that will be a little larger than the folding travel one I have. However, that remains to be seen, as I will work with what I have now. Besides, it might not be the biggest problem now, as I plan on proceeding with a limited palette, as I have been.

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Until then, let me know what kind of brushes you find work best for you! Also, in the spirit of the day, why not share what you got under the tree this season!


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