Lavender Monastery

Here is a nice one I have been working on for a few days. After letting it dry overnight, and taking a nice lon look this morning, I think I have done all I can for it. It was an exercise in retaining my whites and getting some nice pops in architecture, albiet simple lines in the building. I think I managed well enough.

Of course, I did make a value sketch and several sketches to improve the composition of the piece. A few blunders along the way, but fortunately fixable (with patience and a clear head), and I was in business. I am very pleased with this one.


Order of becoming:

  • found a nice reference image
  • several quick sketches for composition
  • several value studies to get that right
  • large sketch onto tracing/cartridge paper, outlined final lines in marker
  • traced image onto watercolor paper (yes, you can do it)
  • final painting
final value study
final transfer outline
transferred image to watercolor paper

I will always do this for my paintings, because thought the steps seem quite numerous, it is during the early stages that you work out most of the kinks and problems while saving your paint, paper and nerves further down the line. It has improved my success greatly.

This is on 10×14 inch 140lb Arches 100% cotton cold press paper. The colors used were Indigo, Scarlet Lake and Azo Yellow. The limited palette is really making me more comfortable with mixing colors and learning the theory behind it, by trial and error and experience (some of the best teachers).

I encourage you all to keep trying and making some method to follow along with your madness, and I gather you may have some more success in your endeavors.

After all, steady improvement requires steady practice.


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