Yellow Flower Painting

Here is one that took me about two days to complete, just because I kept stepping away from it. Honestly, the whole process doesn’t take too long, it is the other errands and family time that make it all last longer. However, I am growing fond of stepping away from painting for lengths of time to have a fresh eye when you look at it once again. Then, you can really see how the colors and contrast are working after the paint has been given a chance to thoroughly dry, as well as how everything looks in the changing light of the day.


I wanted to try a nice dark background as I had seen done by Anne Abgott in a Youtube video, and I thought that this yellow flower was a nice opportunity. All in all, I am quite happy with how it turned out. It is really rather vibrant, and decdedly brighter and busier than one of her backgrounds, but I enjoyed using the method and am pleased with the result. I was thinking about giving it another dark glaze, but I chose not to. I guess it is all part of the development of my personal style.

This is an 11×14 painting on Arches 100% cotton, 140lb cold press paper. I used four colors this time: Indigo, Azo Yellow, Scarlet Lake and Dioxizane Violet. Just by introducing a fourth color, I noticed that there was a depth to the painting that seemed harder to attain for me with just three. However, that observation may just be due to my lack of experience. I will claim, though, that making such a subtle observation myself is evidence that my artistic eye has improved somewhat :).

Another happy little victory was me making up a shadow that was not in the image reference I used. It didn’t turn out half-bad, either. The fact that I even chose to put in a shadow is improvement. Slow and steady – with the occasional leap forward!

I hope you like this one. Just keep practising!


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