Bowl of Totoro



I did this one from life and have found that the practicing really is helping me to speed up my process and make better results. I just picked up some things lying around my desk and had a go at it. Naturally, because I can never take the simple way out, I challenged myself with two objects and combined a couple of items. I also had different textures to work with. Overall, I am quite happy with it. At least it will bring a smile to my face when I flip through my sketchbook to the next page.

Just have to keep practicing this.

A small aside: I started with a LAMY fountain pen loaded with a refillable cartridge in which I had put water-soluble ink, to practice a bit of shading that way. However, the nib seemed a little dry and I kept making choppy lines, so I finished it off using the run-of-the mill ballpoint pen seen in the picture above. I guess it gives a little bit of scale, as well.

I hope you like it. It really is interesting to work from life as well as from photographs. Just shake things up a bit. You won’t progress if you don’t challenge yourself.


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