Downtown Clocktower Sketch

Here’s a quick sketch that I have for a painting I think I will do of the Jim Thorpe Clocktower area in the downtown area. It is a nice place, once that I have been to a few times.


Though this sketch is quite bare, it has let me practice my lines and, hopefully, I can work on a few value sketches to get that down before painting this one in a larger format. I hope to put in some practice painting some vignette-style paintings that don’t take up the entirety of the paper. I am just not sure this one would do so well for that.

This is just in a plain sketchbook that I have. I may run a watercolor wash in to get some of the values worked out. It is interesting, because I have taken this image from Google Earth (a great way to get some copyright-free images to work from). I hope to write a post on how I get and use those images for my paintings. Though, back to what makes this interesting – it is done from a fish-eye perspective, so the light source seems to bend and move a bit. I think it should be a fun foray into the more architectural piece I have ruminating in my head. The only thing I am sure of at this point is that it will be horizontal in format.


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