Flowers, Figures and Radishes

I found a few seconds to myself yesterday and decicded it was time to really try to get my sketching skills some exersice. It is the only way to get better. The composition, persepctive and values are more inportant than the colors used in a painting. That is something that has taken me a long time to understand, or at least gain an inkling of understanding of.

As I am in this for the long haul, I think it is worthwhile doing a bit of practice every day to be constantly improving. And, if you are to reach a bit of a block, or feel that you are making a series of mistakes – do youself a favor and learn from them. It is never a true loss. As long as you have a takeaway lesson, know that you will avoid doing something that led to that blunder. Sometimes this is easier said than done, buut it helps to keep your works – even the bad ones – instead of throwing them out to see what becomes of them and of you. We grow and change as we work and learn that we do have the tools to make what we want happen – it just takes time and practice.

I hope you all are better at keeping up with your resolutions. I know I want to find my style and be better at freehanding my own compositions and step away from slavishly reproducing pictures I use for the subject matter of my paintings. However, it is a long process, with more than a few pitfalls. Just keep at it and educate yourself.




With those cheery words in mind, I hope you like the sketches I have made. Some are most likely going to end up as color studies for future paintings. Specifically, I can see the radishes as a small piece. They could be rather fun.

Let me know how your art adventures are going!


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