Curbside Poppies

This one has been taped down and worked on for more than a few weeks, thanks to my busy schedule taking away much of the time I could spend on this. However, though it didn’t come out completely as I had envisioned, I worked with what I had and it came out a little different. It is a little looser than what I planned, and I think I prefer it in this situation.


It is a larger piece, around 11×15 inches, if I remember correctly. I used a trio of colors: Scarlet Lake, Indigo and Azo Yellow. I liked the colors I chose and don’t think I overworked anything too much. These poppies tend a bit towards the yellow rather than the red, but they are rather pleasant, and truer to the photographed subject that I had as inspiration.

I completely made up the shadows on this one, and am rather happy with them. They give a little interest and depth, and are just believable enough. I think I have the value difference correct, and the “mud” leftover on my palette helped accentuate the local color to create something rather believable. All this equals progress, of course.

On another note, I am always reading books on top of books, and have found a few that are rather good and have helped me develop a bit more of my artistic side. More on that in a future post. 🙂

Keep painting, my friends. Sketching, too – it’s pretty important. 🙂


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