Handsome Man Pen Sketch

I was always avoiding the drawing of people and such, but finally took the plunge. After flipping through a travel magazine, I pulled out a few images and pages to have some free material for practicing sketching and training my eye and hand. Among these pictures, I tore out a sheet or two from an article on Chris Pratt. Eventually, I thought I would give it a try and see what happens.

I can’t deny that I think that the man is very good-looking, so I wanted to do this justice. It took two sessions, because I was happy with where I got during the first bit and wanted to pursue some more drawing and shading for the coat. Well, I am happy enough to share it.


I know it is hard pressed to believe that the drawing is of Chris Pratt, but even if he isn’t recognizable (mainly because of the right cheekbone and lip and mouth proportions), the result is still one fine man. It is a shame I made him married, though. Should have left the ring off.

Anyway, I hope you all can see how a non-artist like myself can progress and improve with the use of simple materials and some perseverance. I know that more of my sketches appeal to me, and I even have some ideas on how to modify scenes as potential paintings. It really is simple stuff for now – some things ling changing times of day, weather conditions, and shifting the shadows a bit.

I do hope you enjoy keeping up with progress. One of my goals is to inspire you and urge you on in all the art that you do, one session at a time. Keep practicing, my friends!


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