Moonglow Sheep

Here is one that ended up being very stylized. I absolutely love the greenery and the color combinations, all the textures achieved. I ended up using my fingers and a lot of blotting with paper towel, as well as some spattering with a toothbrush in the progress of making this piece. It actually inspired me to write an earlier post about using your hands in the painting process.


I hope you like it. I have decided to leave it as it is, as I felt a little daunted by the possibility of overworking it. I like how there is an obvious focus, but the colors all work together so that it seems rather connected, even with the strong contrasts evident here. I would have to make my sheep’s undersides a little darker to make it more realistic, but I wanted that crisp contrast and sort of etherealness. The soft glow of the sky and moon seem to mirror the soft color of the sheep.

It is not quite like my other paintings, but it really is one of my favorites simply because of how it makes me feel when I look at it. It reminds me of many of those medieval fantasy novels I had grown up on. A landscape that is both strange and familiar, and something that just seems to linger in your mind.

Anyway, this painting was completed over an extended period of time, due to my hectic schedule, and used many different techniques. It really was something of a study of spattering and blotting, but came out nice enough to hang.

It is also proof that my animals need much attending to. However, I can get away with it because they are recognizable as sheep, and I am allowed some ‘artistic license’.

Anyway, keep painting on! Even things that don’t turn out exactly as planned are lessons for you to learn from. The more you practice, the fewer failures will occur. You will soon learn that you will experience fewer mistakes and more ‘happy accidents’.

Until next time, keep practicing!



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