Watercolor Artist Magazine

Yes, I treated myself to a subscription to the magazine. I got some sort of promotional offer in the mail that made it ~$20 for a year’s subscription. Then, when I was going to purchase it for myself over the holidays, a family member decided to make it my Christmas gift from them. Thanks, Mom :).


Either way, I eagerly awaited my issue in the mail and finally received it this past weekend. I had read a few mixed reviews that people shared about the publication, really in terms of them not really writing articles that were too instructional. However, I found this not to be too much of an issue for me because I think I have most of the skills down by now, and just need to practice and apply them. I really enjoyed reading through it to find the various styles and paintings that the featured artists shared and that is incredibly instructive in itself. Honestly, even if someone shows you how to complete a painting on a step by step basis online or in a book, you really won’t replicate it unless you try it multiple times. In that way, there are really a few ways to do something to achieve a certain effect, but it is when to make use of them that is something that can only be learned through trial and error or by seeing someone else do it him/herself.

I do like it so far and hope to see the rest of the issues be just as informative. Either way, I know I will read through this several times and look at it in different lights to really deduce how certain effects were achieved, especially the ones I would be interested in replicating. It is just good practice to put your knowledge to use in recognizing these things, because that shows that you are able to plan a painting of your own in the future, especially if you can figure out how someone may have done so in reverse.

Let me know if you subscribe to some sort of watercolor or art publication. If you do, let me know why or which is your favorite and why. I’d love to know!

Keep painting!


One thought on “Watercolor Artist Magazine

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