Cozy Cat Sketch

Hello my Squares!

I am on my Spring Break now and have FINALLY had the chance to decompress a little and stretch my art muscles a bit. Here is a quick sketch I whipped up for myself and for your enjoyment.

cozy cat.JPG

I call it the “Cozy Cat” because he looks awfully fuzzy. I just wanted to improve my proportions, and I think this is a sign of improvement. It also seems to show that learning these things does take practice, but it is like learning how to ride a bicycle. It is hard to forget everything once you have a good foundation. It is your job to keep building that firm base of knowledge first, though!


I think this one may end up being a nice little watercolor exercise. Then again, I find that many of the works I sketch end up working their way into my mind as potential paintings. It is in working out the details in pencil that you are also more able to plan how to go about painting a subject and hash out the steps and their order. Value is the most important, color is really quite secondary. Make your value sketch first and identify your darkest darks and lightest lights and work from there – you will be happy that you did.


Until the next time, keep practicing and building that foundation. I think I am going to start an online drawing course from the very beginning and hope to complete it to the end. I highly recommend learning how to draw, sketch, and compose as that is how my paintings have improved the most. Let me know how you improve your artwork, whatever the medium. I am always interested to learn the different ways people go about doing things.


Keep practicing! We all start at SquareOne!




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