About Me

I am a newly graduated dentist. I picked up watercolor painting as it was something to do that would give me some stress relief and allowed me to work with my hands and create something colorful and pleasing (most of the time).

I am mostly self-taught, but I am also working towards getting a degree from Youtube University (I wish). As of now, I live with my family in and commute to my residency everyday. I spend as much time as I can spare experimenting with painting and have decided to start this blog to show others that it is a bumpy road to art proficiency. I am just looking for a way to share with others my creative process and give some encouragement to pick up a brush and unwind.

Some of my other hobbies include bicycling, canoeing, fishing, homebrewing beer and wine, beekeeping, and binge-watching TV shows. I also help tend the family garden, which has been at times been referred to as a small plantation (lovingly, I am sure).

If you’d rather follow on Facebook, click on the hyperlink and give me a thumb’s up! If you are interested in purchasing some of my paintings, I am co-owner of an Etsy Store, FancyFoxSociety.