Getting Sketchy #22

Alright, I know I am quite behind on these sketches. I blame it on the travel time. However, I did want to include a sketch today that I had completed last year but have recently revisited. I am actually doing a small scale painting of this subject including perspective and trying to adhere to a detail-oriented, line-oriented painting from a detailed sketch. This would be … Continue reading Getting Sketchy #22

Getting Sketchy, #19

I have no idea what this kind of bird is, but I swear that this is the proportion of this two-legged beast. She is all leg. Compared to the wingspan I’d anticipate upon stretching these open, she may be faster and have wider range sprinting around on foot. Don’t take my word for it, though, as I am no ornithologist.  It is a prime example … Continue reading Getting Sketchy, #19

Getting Sketchy, #16 Chiaroscuro

I figured we’d just stick with numbers instead of kidding ourselves that the days have gone by and I sketched as I should have. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. This is a more interesting one than usual, and one you may even learn from. Turns out, while watching Youtube videos, that some people even have condensed art history … Continue reading Getting Sketchy, #16 Chiaroscuro

Getting Sketchy: Day 15

Hello, Squares! It’s time for another tardy sketch! I have a good one for you, too. There he is (I just assume it’s male – look at that smolder). Anyway, I find I like to try at animals because they will at least be recognized as some sort of beast of nature made by a beast of burden (me!). However, whereas I had an earlier … Continue reading Getting Sketchy: Day 15

Getting Sketchy: Day 13 and 14

Okay, I have been lazy, Squares. I haven’t kept up with the sketching schedule. I am human, and a lazy one at that. However, I still want to continue with the exercises as I believes I am learning a lot from the whole process. As cultured readers, I will just assume you overlook the dates on the sketches. I will discuss each one briefly, as … Continue reading Getting Sketchy: Day 13 and 14

Getting Sketchy: Days 9, 10, 11 and 12

Here is the next slurry of sketches that Are the homework assigned myself for the next 30 days. As the dates already say – and they are true to what the calendar says – my practices have been a little lax. However, there is a challenge in every piece that aims to improve overall technique and skill. There is a general trend of improvement as … Continue reading Getting Sketchy: Days 9, 10, 11 and 12