Flowers, Figures and Radishes

I found a few seconds to myself yesterday and decicded it was time to really try to get my sketching skills some exersice. It is the only way to get better. The composition, persepctive and values are more inportant than the colors used in a painting. That is something that has taken me a long time to understand, or at least gain an inkling of … Continue reading Flowers, Figures and Radishes

Sunflower Sketch and New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone! I was enjoying a bit of family and the bubbly and thought that a post could wait a few days. Family comes first, after all. Here is a quick one I did to see if I could get a punch of color right and just played around with a new micro-palette I got for free for one of my art … Continue reading Sunflower Sketch and New Year’s Resolutions

Bird in the Bush

This is a quick installment to show how lack of planning and poor decision-making can result in a less-than-ideal painting. However, we are creatures who learn from our mistakes, and so this experience has wizened me a little bit. More on that in a second. This is the finished piece. It lacks pizzazz and anything of the sort that would make you think about it … Continue reading Bird in the Bush

Preliminary Color Swatch

Anyone who has become more serious about painting seems to learn that there is much more time spent in preparing for it than actually carrying out the painting process. I speak for those who really want their work to shine and come together. I am slowly learning this myself, and stopped myself before starting on a new painting by having conflicting ideas on which colors … Continue reading Preliminary Color Swatch

Power of Preliminary Sketches

I know that I recently wrote a post regarding sketches and their importance in developing a good sense of perspective and such recently. Here are a few more. In this case, I found this a WONDERFUL exercise in determining the proper colors for a job. I also got to test some new paints: Quinacridone Gold and Pyrrhol Red. What can I say, I am in … Continue reading Power of Preliminary Sketches

The Value of Practice, Ink and Wash

Sometimes when I paint, I think I had some beginner’s luck, and I may not be far from the truth. However, when faced with a challenge, I am not usually one to shy away (my family just smiles to themselves, says I am obsessed, and start backing away slowly). Well, they may be onto something with my personality. But it is not all bad. I … Continue reading The Value of Practice, Ink and Wash