Getting Sketchy, #16 Chiaroscuro

I figured we’d just stick with numbers instead of kidding ourselves that the days have gone by and I sketched as I should have. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. This is a more interesting one than usual, and one you may even learn from. Turns out, while watching Youtube videos, that some people even have condensed art history … Continue reading Getting Sketchy, #16 Chiaroscuro

Getting Sketchy: Day 15

Hello, Squares! It’s time for another tardy sketch! I have a good one for you, too. There he is (I just assume it’s male – look at that smolder). Anyway, I find I like to try at animals because they will at least be recognized as some sort of beast of nature made by a beast of burden (me!). However, whereas I had an earlier … Continue reading Getting Sketchy: Day 15

Return of the Prodigal Square

It has been a long time coming – over a year, actually! I am back and will be picking up the pace and posting more pieces in my watercolor journey. The last year has been incredibly hectic, but tomorrow should mark the end of a busy chapter finishing off school. Graduation day! (Woohoo!) A bittersweet moment, to be sure. Great friends made, pictures to be … Continue reading Return of the Prodigal Square

Kingfisher – August 31, 2016 Progress

I like to paint birds because they suggest movement and often can be portrayed using softness and color gradations – all things that I need practice on. Today I painted a kingfisher. I definitely need to improve my color blending, but I really enjoyed negative painting in the background. Lots of glazes there too, and the result is something I am quite happy with. Overall, … Continue reading Kingfisher – August 31, 2016 Progress