Lily of the Valley 2 Step-By-Step – October 1, 2016 Progress

Hello everyone! I am back with another recent floral subject. Lily of the valley. This is a flower that blooms in a giant carpet in my backyard and is beautiful to behold. So short, it is elegant with its soft white bell-shaped blooms and striated leaves. For those of you who don’t know, they are also a flower associated with Mary. So, this is appropriate … Continue reading Lily of the Valley 2 Step-By-Step – October 1, 2016 Progress

Orange Poppies -September 27, 2016 Progress

I cannot just leave behind my lovely new discovery of Pyrrhol Red by M. Graham. Thus, I find myself searching for subjects into which I can incorporate the lovely hue through blending or through its purest essence. Long story short – I found some more poppies, they spoke to me, I painted them. That’s it. Well, there was a little bit more to it, actually. … Continue reading Orange Poppies -September 27, 2016 Progress

Crane Couple Tutorial

This is an original painting that I decided to try. The subject matter was inspired by a some daydreams I had that involved my months living in Poland a few years ago, and my grandparents that are still there. I remember looking into the fields as we were driving along a narrow, winding road on which people barreled past on their stick shifts (scary driving … Continue reading Crane Couple Tutorial

Goose Island Tutorial

I decided to follow along with a video done by Larry Hamilton of a scene he referred to as Goose Island, which he took in Glacier National Park. This all started because I was having some painters block and ruined a nice 9×12 piece of Arches paper because I got too cocky after having some success with my Forget Me Not painting some time earlier. … Continue reading Goose Island Tutorial

Bee Day – Forget Me Not Tutorial

Yesterday┬áI popped onto twitter to see what was happening and saw many tweets about it being Bee Day. I thought it would be a good idea to commemorate them with a painting. I am no good with painting freehand or drawing without a model, so I went to Pixabay, my favorite source for royalty-free images, and found a picture of a bee. I think I … Continue reading Bee Day – Forget Me Not Tutorial