Mijello Bulletproof Glass Palette

I recently treated myself and purchased a new watercolor palette for myself, as my sister also got back to learning how to paint and took my palette. She selflessly took my older palette, also by Mijello, and let me have the new one, because she admitted I have been painting more. So, here is a shout-out to her for being a great sibling! ­čÖé I … Continue reading Mijello Bulletproof Glass Palette

To Sketch or Not to Sketch?

During my time writing this blog and painting, I find that most times I really do┬álike the structure and look of my sketch, it’s composition. However, through some way or another, or by way of a combination of short-sightedness and experimentation, I find that I have not achieved the result I desire. As I am a rather serious person by nature, and don’t find that … Continue reading To Sketch or Not to Sketch?