Getting Sketchy, Day 5

One the coattails of Day 4 we have the next sketch. This time, boundaries were pushed, new frontiers ventures, figures drawn. Well, figure – and a trusty steed. Horse. He seems noble to me. Maybe his name is Boxer, but back in the good ol’ days – and definitely before Orwell got a hold of him. The image was one from Pixabay, a site often … Continue reading Getting Sketchy, Day 5

Getting Sketchy, Day 4

Minutes before midnight we have another landscape scene with a small figure in the lower right. I believe that making these small sketches allows me to really connect more closely with my subject and iron out possible wrinkles if it were to be something that was painted. Overall, the final contrast makes the little Grecian style building the focus of the piece. However, there is … Continue reading Getting Sketchy, Day 4

Return of the Prodigal Square

It has been a long time coming – over a year, actually! I am back and will be picking up the pace and posting more pieces in my watercolor journey. The last year has been incredibly hectic, but tomorrow should mark the end of a busy chapter finishing off school. Graduation day! (Woohoo!) A bittersweet moment, to be sure. Great friends made, pictures to be … Continue reading Return of the Prodigal Square