Mijello Bulletproof Glass Palette

I recently treated myself and purchased a new watercolor palette for myself, as my sister also got back to learning how to paint and took my palette. She selflessly took my older palette, also by Mijello, and let me have the new one, because she admitted I have been painting more. So, here is a shout-out to her for being a great sibling! 🙂 I … Continue reading Mijello Bulletproof Glass Palette

Handsome Man Pen Sketch

I was always avoiding the drawing of people and such, but finally took the plunge. After flipping through a travel magazine, I pulled out a few images and pages to have some free material for practicing sketching and training my eye and hand. Among these pictures, I tore out a sheet or two from an article on Chris Pratt. Eventually, I thought I would give … Continue reading Handsome Man Pen Sketch

Flowers, Figures and Radishes

I found a few seconds to myself yesterday and decicded it was time to really try to get my sketching skills some exersice. It is the only way to get better. The composition, persepctive and values are more inportant than the colors used in a painting. That is something that has taken me a long time to understand, or at least gain an inkling of … Continue reading Flowers, Figures and Radishes